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I'm Rachel...and Here's a Little Something 

When you find what your soul craves, you must run with it...keeping it clutched ever so tightly within your entire being.  My soul craves life's fleeting snapshots, and with the help of a lens I'm fortunate to seize them.  Here you will find mostly photographs I’ve captured of people…living their lives just as the rest of us, perhaps in a seemingly predictable way. However, my hope is for you to get a glimpse of what I love most…life’s unpredictable moments...that carry us through the gorgeous rhythm of our everyday. Photography is a passion I give breath to at every opportunity. I take photos of people…of places…of anything that triggers my ever-expanding soul. 


For over 11 years I've provided a range of photography services, mostly because it's truly impossible for me to pick just one.  My studio is located in York, Nebraska, and I work with both natural and studio lighting.  I learn more about this crazy and fantastic endeavor as a photographer every day.  It's an art that I truly love, and I am abundantly grateful for it's incredible gift to all of us. 

Contact Me

Rachel Kallio, Photographer

Life Unpredictable Photography

822 N Lincoln Ave Ste B

York, NE 68467

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